Start Living

A thousand words


Is not who you are that’s stopping you, is who you think you are not.

-Sometimes we don’t do things because we think we will not be able to.

But why aren’t we the ones who will?

-Sometimes we don’t chase an opportunity because we think we won’t get it.

But who says we won’t?

-Sometime we get scared, overwhelmed by the failures of others.

But who says we will make the same mistakes?

-Sometimes fear gets us and make us remain in our comfort zone.

But aren’t we the ones keeping ourselves there?

-Sometimes we say we can’t when we haven’t even tried.

And sometimes, just sometimes we take the chance, and most of the time it ends up making all the difference.

So live, experience, and chase your dreams. Life is beautiful. Life is what you make of it. Stop making excuses, start doing and most importantly start…

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