Midday as a Single Person

amazing and wonderful. no one loves you like God does


I am single (unmarried & not dating), but God is my husband. I was just fully settled when a light breeze closed the car door for me; slowly, and gently, but with just enough force to shut it. God is such a gentleman; the breathe, or wind, of His spirit is with us all day, and for this I say:

He is my husband; I am His bride. He is my beloved, and I am His prize. I am His love, and He is my heart. Catch for me the foxes that spoil the vineyard; I want you to have the full harvest of my heart. He is my gift:  lovely, kind, and gentle; He is the definition of the same love that He kindles. When people ask me why I am single, I shall say:'Have you met my husband?' My husband is like no other; He is above them all. He is strong! He is mighty! He is my protector and…

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